Who may belong to/participate in ILA?

Anyone interested in effective leadership can be part of ILA. In the past, ILA existed mostly for Community Leadership Programs, but this has changed. Now ILA includes those as well as business leaders, students, public service personnel, not-for-profit leaders, trainers/consultants, and individuals interested in leadership.

How does one participate in ILA?

Several ways are available. The ILA website and events are open at no cost to all people who are interested in participating and networking in that way. It is our hope that people who find value in the website will want to become dues-paying members at some point. Dues-paying members have member rates for statewide training and networking sessions, and may have enhanced roles in planning and presenting training. There will be a website section for members-only as well.

Why does ILA designate Regions?

ILA does operate as a state-wide organization. However, there is no central staff available for travel throughout the state. Since the Community Leadership Programs throughout Indiana are self-directed and work independently on local issues and projects that may cross county borders but likely do not affect the state as a whole, they do not need a lot of assistance from a central location. It also makes sense that they interact with other programs/organizations most effectively on a regional basis. Regional members, if they desire, will be able to provide opportunities locally that might not be appropriate or feasible for statewide attendance. However, ILA has offered in the past, and will continue to offer, statewide trainings and events for all members.

Who sponsors ILA?

ILA is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization, registered with the Indiana Secretary of State. We are independent of any other organization for our governance. We do, however, have close partnerships and working relationships with many organizations throughout the state. Our membership reflects the diversity of our connections throughout the state.

Governance and By-Laws

ILA Board of Directors are volunteers from around the state. Mostly, they have experience in some form of leadership organization. Any member is eligible for consideration for nomination to the Board, subject to regional requirements of the ILA By-Laws.